Earl Grey Chamomile Sugar Lip Scrub

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➤ Earl grey chamomile sugar lip scrub: aromatic and citrusy bergamot orange with very light chamomile powder

➤ 1 (ONE) .50 ounce PET jar (recyclable with all of your number 1 plastics) with aluminum twist off cap + 1 small wooden spatula

➤ There is no flavor added to this scrub, but the sugar granules will leave a trace of natural sweetness

➤ Sugar lip scrubs will aid in keeping your lips soft and supple. Use a few times per week or more depending on your own personal preference.

➤ Apply scrub to lips and blend in using circular motions with either your fingertip or your lips. Wipe off or rinse. Bits of sugar will fall off the lips, best not to wear a fancy frock while using these.

➤ Contains: sugar, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa & shea butters, vitamin E, chamomile powder, essential oil



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