Earl Grey Chamomile Aftershave
Earl Grey Chamomile Aftershave

Earl Grey Chamomile Aftershave

$ 17.00

➤ A soothing and fragrant after shave tonic in Earl Grey Chamomile which is aromatic bergamot orange with hints of green moss and fresh, crisp chamomile.

➤ 1 (ONE) 4 ounce amber glass bottle with aluminum twist off cap

➤ Directions: After your shave, rinse your skin with cool water and pat dry. Shake the bottle well to circulate the aloe leaf juice (it tends to coalesce). Dispense a small amount of after shave into your hands, rub together and then pat your skin down with the tonic. This formula is designed to soothe the skin and close your pores while providing a subtle scent.

➤ Contains: Organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, willow bark extract, phenoxyethanol (preservative), polysorbate (emulsifier), tetrasodium salt, fragrance

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