Salted Caramel Lip Balm

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NOTE: This lip balm is on closeout price due to the pour date. However, please note that the date is only a conservative estimate and the balms should be good for longer than the estimate. Thanks!

➤ Salted caramel: comforting combination of warm, gooey caramel with just the right amount of salty and buttery goodness


➤ 1 (ONE) .15 ounce oval lip balm tube

➤ Flavor oils have no actual flavor or sweetener = no temptation to eat your lip balm. Customers have described the texture as "creamy", "melts on your lips", "soothing" "glides on smoothly" and "decadent".

➤ Contains: avocado, coconut, jojoba & sweet almond oils, beeswax, cocoa & shea butters, vitamin e, flavor

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