Tangerine and Tahitian Vanilla Body Scrub

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➤ Tangerine + Tahitian Vanilla Body Scrub: smells of bright and juicy tangerine and sweet and scrumptious Tahitian vanilla

➤ 1 (ONE) 8 ounce green PET jar (recyclable with all of your number 1 plastics) with an aluminum rust proof twist off cap

➤ This luscious hand-blended body scrub is perfect for all over exfoliation. Just take a small scoop in the palm of your hand into your shower and use in a circular motion on any and all areas where you would like to exfoliate. It is a gentle scrub due to the finely ground vanilla beans and apricot seeds as well as the organic sugar, so it can be used daily or several times per week. The oils and butters are wonderful humectant and moisturizing ingredients that will condition your skin after the vanilla, apricot and sugar does its job of exfoliating.

➤ Rinse off after use and keep water out of the container. Also, be careful if the scrub is on your shower or bathtub floor as it may become slippery - wash all traces away after use. Made from scratch in small batches and only tested on humans.

➤ Contains: organic cane sugar, orange butter, olive butter, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, ground vanilla beans, ground apricot seeds, natural glycerin, emulsifying wax, paraben free preservative, fragrance, essential oil


☛ If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before using any products containing essential oils. Please note that some essential oils, specifically citrus based ones, are photosensitive, so you should avoid bright sun exposure for 24 hours. All products are for external use only.



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